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To gain more insight into the material of your product, we can offer you:

MATinspired moves to Gate2

MATinspired has relocated to business centre Gate2 at Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen. Gate2 is the cluster for Aerospace & Maintenance in the south of the Netherlands. It joins companies and people concerning entrepreneurship, education and innovation. Gate2 is a knowledge centre for aerospace and industrial maintainance and related sectors such as High Tech Systems, Materials, Creative Industry, Chemistry and Logistics. By cooperating with companies that focus on these Smart Industries MATinspired can offer even better service to its customers. For example, MATinspired will cooperate in the CAMPIONE project, a Fieldlab project aiming at fully predicting industrial maintenance. Furthermore Gate2 focusses on education, something we also do at MATinspired by giving various courses and workshops.

Our phone number has changed to: +31 (0)85 30 36 411.

Our visiting address has changed to:

Gate2 – Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen
Ericssonstraat 2
5121 ML Rijen

We hope to welcome you at our new location!

Our expertise extends to the following materials:


MATinspired is housed in the Gate2 building on the Aeroparc in Gilze-Rijen, the Netherlands. MATinspired has its own laboratories and equipment at its disposal but also has access to the knowledge and equipment of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

MATinspired transforms a set of technical questions into a custom-made R&D programme. Our services include the making of prototypes and the performance of tests and analyses. The insights provided by the work we carry out can lead to an improvement in the properties of your product.

Any intellectual property (IP) is transferred to our clients and we treat any knowledge gained and any research results obtained through the project with the utmost confidence.

Our focus


We can offer advise about the material of your product. It is also possible for us to assist you with our knowledge at your own location.

Failure analysis

We carry out failure analysis to find the cause of various material failures of your product such as breakage, fracture, warping, enclosures, staining, welding problems, coating problems, surface problems, etc. We identify the root cause of the problems so that you will be able to improve your product and prevent damage in the future.


MATinspired provides workshops, training and courses in the area of metals, material research, metallography and analytical methods. These workshops are intended for Managers of laboratories, R&D and laboratory employees which are working in the field of metallography and material research. After these workshops you will be able to analyze your product more efficiently and gain more insight into the material of which it is made. This insight will help improve your product.

Material research and development

We can carry out both short term and long term research and development projects (R&D).  At MATinspired we like to think along with you to optimize your material for a specific application. You will receive all intellectual property rights and all data and findings will be handled confidential.

Material analysis

Because of our own laboratory and our partnership with various institutes, universities (TU/e) and businesses MATinspired is able to offer you a wide range of methods of material analysis and surface analysis. With the obtained insights we are able to improve your product. Furhtermore, we are able to create prototypes.


To test your material yourself MATinspired offers you a variety of test kits. We also offer custom made metallographic etchants. For example, we offer test kits for exposing welding joints and test kits that indicate if certain elements are present in your material.

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Aeroparc Gate2

MATinspired moves to Gate2 at Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen

MATinspired will relocate to business centre Gate2 at Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen. Gate2 is the cluster for Aerospace & Maintenance in the south of the Netherlands. It joins companies and people concerning entrepreneurship, education and innovation. Gate2 is a knowledge centre for...
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Visit to ‘Innovatie ontketend: Aerospace sector’

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Bark project Dutch Design Acedemy Sarmite Polakova

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We cooperated with the Design Academy Eindhoven, and performed an R&D project about the processing of bark to make it applicable for the use of designers materials. Since the processed bark is very flexible, it can used for a range...
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316 Moly Test kit van MATinspired

Stainless steel identification 304 316 test kit

We developed a stainless steel identification test kit to identify stainless steel 316.
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Workshop Metallography

On the 23th of June our workshop Metallography took place. During this workshop a practial introduction of analysis of microstructures of metals and other materials was given. We also described preparation of samples (cutting, embedding, grinding, polishing and etching) and the...
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New website

In May we have launched our new website. The website has been redesigned and a webshop had been added (Dutch only). It’s now also possible to contact us via the website.
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