MATinspired is housed in the Gate2 building on the Aeroparc in Rijen, the Netherlands. MATinspired has its own laboratories and equipment at its disposal but also has access to the knowledge and equipment of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

MATinspired generally supports R&D projects with durations of three months to two years, but we are also able to offer support for projects of shorter duration. In supporting our clients, we go one step further by thinking along with them and by optimising materials for their intended applications.

Our cooperation with the Eindhoven University of Technology means that we are able to ensure projects are cost effective. We are able to carry out R&D on various types of materials including metals, technical ceramics, composites, glass, cements and nanomaterials.

Any intellectual property (IP) is transferred to our clients and we treat any knowledge gained and any research results obtained through the project with the utmost confidence.

MATinspired transforms a set of technical questions into a custom-made R&D programme. Our services include the making of prototypes and the performance of tests and analyses. The insights provided by the work we carry out can lead to an improvement in the properties of your product.

For more information feel free to contact us.

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