Areas of knowledge

Beside our own laboratory, we have a range of expertise available for the research, in cooperation with various institutes, universities and business. This expertise includes:

Materials technology
We can optimise the material of your product. For this, we can carry out various types of material analyses on various materials.  Our expertise extends to the following materials:

  • Composites
  • Technical ceramics i.e. silicon carbide, zirconia, Tungsten carbide and aluminia
  • Polymers such as biopolymers, epoxy- and acrylic polymers
  • Glass and cements
  • Nano-materials such as coatings and anti-reflectionlayers
  • 3D printed materials
  • Metals such as steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, brass, messing, tungsten, etc.
  • Coatings such as metalcoatings, cvd layers, paintlayers etc.
  • Fibers such as cellulose fiberglass, asbestos, etc
  • Et cetera …

Thanks to our expertise and high-tech laboratory we can perform various research methods to gain more insight into your product. We can also develope prototypes made from improved material.

Surface and coating technology
With various advanced measurement techniques we are able to determine the properties of various types of coatings. With these insights you are able to improve the quality of the surface of your product.

We can determine the properties of nanostructures, for example, in order
to improve the quality of solar cells.

We are able to measure different optical properties such as the refractive index and transmission.

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