Prevent exposure to the toxic chromium-6 with the TK11 Chromium-6 Detection Test Kit

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Quick and easy test for of old paints and coatings, so you can work safely.

Chromium-6: it has been in the news a lot in recent years and that’s not for nothing. This is because it is a highly toxic substance that poses a risk to humans and the environment. After exposure by, for example, sanding, sawing, grinding and burning old layers of paint on various metal structures, it can eventually lead to serious health damage, such as cancer.

Test for chromium-6 by yourself
In order to be able to work safely, it is important to know in advance whether paint layers contain chromium-6. MATinspired developed the TK11® Chromium-6 Detection Test Kit for this purpose. The way to perform a chromium-6 test quickly and easily.

It’s simple: You perform the test yourself. This consists of a bottle of test fluid and a test rod. You moisten the test rod with the test fluid. Then rub it well over the sanded surface. Part of the paint layer is now dissolving. If the test rod clearly turns purple, chromium-6 is present.

Prevent health problems and damage claims
The TK11® Chromium-6 Detection Test Kit is handy and easy to use. Make sure you always have a kit at hand. This allows you to have the test results directly in your hands without the intervention of a laboratory and you can take the necessary measures. You may prevent damage claims and most importantly: health problems.

About MATinspired B.V.
MATinspired B.V. is a supplier of various rapid tests for, among others, chromium-6 and lead. MATinspired B.V. delivers its tests within and outside Europe. The standard TK11® Chromium-6 Detection Test Kit is sufficient to detect standard chromium-6 paint layers. Recently, a new test kit has been introduced with which is able to detect very low concentrations of chromium-6 in paint layers.

A test kit consists of 25 self-tests.

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Example of chromium-6 test on paint

Example of the TK11® Chrome-6 Test; The test swab turns orange when no chromium-6 is present. The test swab discolours purple when chromium-6 is present, such as in chromium-6 paint layers.