TK08 – MATinspired Lead Test Kit for paint and coatings

Lead (Pb) can be harmful to human health and the environment. With this kit you can easily test the presence of Lead in paint layers, coatings, metals, soldering, water pipes and other materials. If the swab turns red, it indicates the presence of lead in the tested material.

This test kit contains 50 lead tests.


Testing a paint layer for the presence of lead

The test kit enables you to test a paint layer (or primer) for lead. To do this, make a few cuts into the layer. Then lightly sand the layer. Moisturize the end of the cotton swab with testing fluid and rub the cotton swab onto the paint layer. If the layer contains lead, the cotton swab will turn red. If no lead is present in the material, the cotton swab will remain yellow.

Below is a video with instructions on how to test a layer of paint with the MATinspired TK08 lead detection test kit.

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Although this product have been compiled with the utmost care, MATinspired B.V. cannot be held liable for damage that results from the use of or contact with the product. This measurement method is only an indication, and MATinspired B.V. is not responsible for the test results.