MATinspired will be running a 2-day workshop on metallography. During this workshop, we will provide a practical introduction to the analysis of microstructures in metals and other materials. We will provide explanation about the preparation of samples (cutting, embedding, grinding, polishing and etching). Along with this, the workshop will cover the characterization of structures through microscopy.

Intended participants

The workshop is intended for laboratory managers and R&D employees who are working in the field of metallography.

Samples and results

We have a wide range of samples available for use during the workshop. A participant may bring his or her own sample of material that can be prepared. This could include metals, ceramics, composites or a metal with a coating. In this way, a workshop participant can analyse their own material throughout the workshop.

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The workshop will be given in the material science laboratories of MATinspired. The workshop will consist of 2 parts, one theoretical and one practical. During the workshop, we will provide an explanation on how to prepare and examine various types of materials. The workshop is spread out over 2 days.

    Day 1:

  • Cutting and embedding of samples, which provides participants with a:
    • Choice of cutting wheel type
    • Choice of embedding material
  • Preparation of samples, including:
    • Grinding and polishing
    • Etching of samples in a fume hood
    • Preparation of artefacts
  • Microscopy, including:
    • Optical microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • Digital photography of microstructures, magnifications and scale bar
    • Depth of focus, dark-field and bright-field
  • Interpretation of microstructures:
    • Determining the material properties from microstructures
    • Determining heat-treatment and type of material from microstructure
  • Quantification of structures, through methods such as:
    • Grain sizes, inclusions and layer thickness
    • Statistics
    • 3D microstructures

   Day 2:

  • Advanced preparation techniques, such as:
    • Vacuum embedding of porous samples
    • Methods for maintaining the edge
    • Preparing samples for scanning electron microscopes (SEM’s)
    • Creating replicas
  • Etching techniques, which include:
    • Choosing the etch method
    • Tint (colour) etching
    • Electrolytic etching
  • Identifying microstructures, though methods such as:
    • Recognizing different microstructures and phases of steel
    • Heat treatment effects on steel microstructures
    • Isothermal transformation diagrams
    • Microstructures of non-ferrous metals
  • Encapsulations, with a focus on:
    • Different types of encapsulations
    • Classifying encapsulations according to regulations
    • Image processing systems to recognize encapsulations
  • Hardness measurement, which includes:
    • Different types of hardness measuring e.g. Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and Rockwell
    • Converting types of hardness
    • Measuring core hardness and hardness profile
  • Introduction to fracture analysis
    • Inter and trans-crystalline fractures
    • Fracture initation

Dates, Costs, Location and other details

For dates and costs, please contact us via email ( Workshops can be given at another location if requested, although the workshops are typically given in the MATinspired labs, (Gate2 – Aeroparc Gilze-Rijen, Ericssonstraat 2, 5121 ML Rijen).

The workshop will be given by Niels Kuijpers (PhD), who has numerous years of experience and practical knowledge in the fields of materials and metallography. Every participant will receive a certificate at the end of the workshop as proof of participation.